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Cabinet Accessories

Cabinet Accessories

With our extensive selection of cabinet accessories, Cypress Cabinets in Sand City is about to transform your home cabinets into the visually pleasing and functional storage components you’ve dreamed of having. With countless accessories to choose from, you are never boxed in when it comes to your storage layout.

Increase Space & Organize Your Home

Remodeling your home may be out of the question due to various reasons, one of which may be cost. One of the compelling features of accessorizing your cabinets is your ability to expand your storage options within the current layout of your home, allowing you to avoid an expensive remodel. By adding accessories to your cabinets you can use all the previously under-utilized space. For those who need more organization in the home, the addition of compartments and inserts allows for separation and organization of countless items from your kitchen to your bath and bedroom.

Different Cabinet Accessories

Whatever the cabinet style, whatever the room, there is an accessory that will maximize your cabinet’s storage. Some cabinet accessories Cypress Cabinets offers include:

Drawer In Drawer – For those large drawers, you can maximize your storage with another small drawer nested on top. It’s perfect for silverware, miscellaneous utensils and linens.
Spice Rack Pullouts – No more cluttered shelves and lost spices with this accessory. With the dimensions made for these smaller sized containers, your spices will be organized and easy to find.
Wall Spice Rack – For organization and easy access while cooking, consider a spice rack connected to the wall. It’s also a great way to take advantage of previously unused space.
Roll Out Drawers – By providing full access to deep drawers, the roll out function reduces stress and frustration in the home.
Draw Inserts For Cutlery – Prevent a messy drawer full of forks, knives and spoons with these practical and pleasing looking inserts for your cutlery drawers.
Pullout Waste Basket – Keep your daily waste discreet and out of the way. With a pullout system, your trash and recycling bins can be accessed in one smooth glide.
Hardware – Stylish knobs, hinges and pulls are an easy way to update your look.

With all the options to choose from, Cypress Cabinets can make an overwhelming process an enjoyable one. Our team of professional designers to installers will assist you during the entire process to make sure you get exactly what you want. Call us today to set up an appointment or stop by our showroom and be dazzled by all the options at your disposal.

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Custom Installation

If you have ordered custom cabinets, you want them to be installed correctly and not be damaged in the process. That's where we can help.

Cypress Cabinets can coordinate your cabinetry installation with our team of experienced installers in Monterey County.

How It Works

After you've chosen your ideal style of cabinets from a tour of our large and comfortable showroom centrally located in the heart of the Monterey Peninsula, we will then come to your home for a free assessment to take accurate measurements and share a few ideas. If you prefer, we can take measurements first.

How To Reach Us

We are available in our showroom located in Sand City, CA. Come pick out the best cabinets for you!

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