Remodeling your bathroom might sound like an exciting prospect, but the work involved does not. For such a small room, it’s surprising how quickly it can turn into a complex project. The chance of making a mistake could mean the difference between having a beautiful sanctuary from the outside world and a porta potty on your front lawn for the rest of the year. By avoiding these bathroom remodeling mistakes, you’ll be able to achieve your dream bathroom in no time.

  • Awkward Layout
  • Wrong Materials
  • Inadequate Storage
  • Poor Lighting
  • Poor Ventilation

Valuing Form Over Function

This mistake happens when homeowners get wrapped up in the bathroom’s aesthetics and neglect its everyday use and function. Do you have to get wet to turn on the shower? Is the towel rack easily reachable when you’re soaking wet? Go through the motions of an average day to see where you can add some practical convenience as well as comfort.

Choosing The Wrong Material For Your Lifestyle

Picking out water-resistant materials for your bathroom is a given, but don’t make the mistake of spending money on pricier options if you aren’t willing to do the upkeep. Did you know that a granite or marble countertop should be resealed yearly or that a limestone floor should be resealed every three years? If you don’t, then don’t be surprised if your waterproof material starts soaking up moisture and stains. Do your homework to ensure you get the most out of your money.

Failing To Invest In Storage Space

Everyone has encountered a frustratingly cluttered bathroom at some point. A lack of counter space, shallow drawers, or a skinny closet can quickly sour the excitement of renovating a bathroom. Understand what you use on a daily basis, from linens to beauty supplies to toilet paper, and make sure they have a home before your remodel is complete.

Not Leaving Room For Good Lighting

Mirrors can be a great accent or statement piece in a bathroom, but when they overshadow the space with little room for good lighting, you can end up with a dimly lit vanity that is neither helpful nor shows off its true potential. Allow enough space, so your vanity lighting feels balanced and proportionate with the mirrors and cabinetry. Whether you are putting in your contacts, applying your makeup, or trying to tell if your shirt goes with your pants, you will need excellent light sources to make this room work for you.

Restricting Air Flow & Raising The Humidity

It’s common to neglect proper airflow and ventilation in the wettest room in your house. Relying on a small window that rarely gets used or opening the bathroom door to “air it out” will not prevent excess moisture from building up in your bathroom, inviting mold and mildew. Installing a bathroom vent fan would reduce the humidity year-round and keep things more clean and sanitary. Make sure to get a fan with a capacity that’s the same as your bathroom’s square footage.

Bathroom Remodel Help In Monterey County

Cypress Design & Build is a remodeling company that can make your bathroom ideas come to life with less mess and stress. As an experienced general contractor, we can give the homeowners of Monterey County peace of mind by offering valuable advice and superior quality. Contact us today to get one step closer to enjoying your beautiful new bathroom.

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