5 Floor Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid the top 5 floor remodeling mistakes and get the beautiful, durable, and hard-wearing floor you deserve with Cypress Design & Build in Monterey, CA. Trying to do it yourself and save [...]

Investment & Rental Property Remodeling

Maximize your returns with high-quality investment or rental property remodeling by Cypress Design & Build in Monterey, CA. Flipping a house doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but investing some [...]

Best Brands For Your Budget

When you’re ready to upgrade or remodel your Monterey area home, Cypress Design & Build can help you find the best cabinet brands for your budget. You can find beautiful custom cabinets [...]

Game Room Remodel

At Cypress Design & Build, we can’t wait to remodel your game room or home theater in Monterey and Monterey County, California. Whether you’re into sports, movies, video games, or [...]

5 Benefits Of A Bathroom Addition

At Cypress Design & Build, we have the professional remodeling expertise needed to help you discover all the benefits a bathroom addition can provide. A bathroom addition can greatly improve [...]

Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you’re looking for some modern bathroom remodel ideas in Monterey County, then Cypress Design & Build should be your first stop. We have a team of design specialists who can help you to [...]

Family Friendly Kitchens

At Cypress Design & Build, we have the ideal custom cabinets Monterey County and Monterey Area homeowners need to create family-friendly kitchens. Whether you’re planning a complete [...]

Low Maintenance Quartz Countertops

At Cypress Design & Build, we value the aesthetics of what is not only elegant and fashionable but also practical and requires low maintenance, such as our top-choice line of quartz kitchen [...]

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Turn heads and enhance the space in your kitchen with custom designed two toned kitchen cabinets by Cypress Design & Build, serving you in and around Monterey. Your kitchen cabinets can [...]

Stylish Cabinet Doors

If you are looking for top-quality, fashionable cabinet door styles that will fit your existing decor and your budget, visit Cypress Design & Build serving the Monterey, California area. [...]

Floor To Ceiling Cabinets

Floor to ceiling cabinets are a bold style choice in today’s homes and Cypress Design & Build serving the Monterey, CA area can help you decide if this choice is the right option for your [...]

Bathroom Storage Spaces

If you’re interested in adding bathroom storage space, at Cypress Design & Build serving you in Monterey County, California, we can help. With some great tips and tricks and our wide [...]

Popular Cabinet Colors

At Cypress Design & Build, we invite you to consider updating your Monterey & Sand City, CA home with the latest in popular cabinet colors. You know us for our ability to personalize [...]

White Cabinets

At Cypress Design & Build in Monterey, we are focused on tracking the latest in home design trends, and white cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms are white hot right now. This clean, crisp [...]

Cabinet Trends For 2018

2018 has ushered in some hot new trends for kitchen cabinet design. Of course, the classic and traditional kitchens such as Farmhouse or French Country will likely always be around. Many of the [...]

Country Kitchen Cabinets

Cypress Design & Build is the go-to place for the best selection of country kitchen cabinets in Monterey & Sand City, California. We offer high-quality, attractive country kitchen [...]

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