Improve your storage space while simultaneously making stored items more accessible with cabinet pull-outs from Cypress Design & Build near Monterey, CA. These popular, custom cabinetry accessories come in a wide variety of options to match your space, your family, and your unique way of using your kitchen.

  • Pull-Out Pantries
  • Pull-Out Racks
  • Waste Bin Pull-Outs
  • Roll Out, Swing Out & Slide Out Trays
  • Base Cabinet Storage

Full Pull-Out Pantries

For homes without a dedicated pantry, or spaces that could use a second one, pull-out pantries are an excellent choice. This custom cabinet add-on can make use of available space that would normally be wasted, like the area next to a refrigerator. You can pull out the entirety of the shelves and baskets that make up your pantry and access them from both sides of the unit.

No more step stools, reaching back through rows and rows of stuff, or wasted forgotten foods on a back or top-shelf.

Pull-Out Rack Systems

A pull-out spice rack is perfect for keeping bottles of herbs, spices, and non-refrigerated sauces organized with a low-profile but plenty of space. You can also have us install rack systems for cleaning supplies under the sink, specialty knives, tea things, and just about anything else that would regularly take up space on your countertop.

Waste Bin Pull-Outs

With a waste bin pull-out, you get to seamlessly hide your trash bin, recycling bin, trash compactor, or all of the above with your cabinetry. The bins are hidden, keeping pests and pets out. When you need to toss something away or take out a full trash bag, all you need to do is open the door and pull the bin out for easy access.

These cabinet accessories also work great in the bathroom. Why waste valuable floor space when those little wastebaskets and laundry bins can find a home in your custom vanity pull-out instead.

Slide Out Trays

With slide-out trays, once you open your cabinet doors, you can slide out different layers of shelves or trays for easy access to all of your kitchenware. This is especially handy for heavy appliances, like the mixer, delicate dishware, and pots and pans.

Slide, swing, or roll the whole storage shelf entirely out for easy access without having to kneel, dig, or feel around blindly to find the right item. Your back and your sanity will thank you.

Base Cabinet Storage

Base cabinet pull-outs are similar to full-height pull-out pantries, just shorter – from about the floor to the countertop. So, you get access to the full depth of your cabinetry, front and back. You can have us install baskets, racks, or divided drawers that pull completely out of your typical base cabinetry area.

Get Cabinet Pull-Outs In California

Our general contractors want to hear about your upcoming Monterey area kitchen remodeling project. As a professional custom cabinet installation company, we can help you both design and install a storage system that looks phenomenal and just works, from hardware to door styles to accessories like cabinet pull-outs. Contact us at Cypress Design & Build to schedule your consultation today.

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