When choosing new cabinets for your home, it is important to determine which wood works best for you and your kitchen or bath. There are several variations to choose from, and each offers its own natural characteristics that impact a room’s look and feel. Cypress Design & Build has a 3,000-foot, designer showroom that displays the different wood options and gives you a starting point for designing your kitchen and bath’s new look.

CherryCherry Cabinets

Cherry is a hardwood with a fine, smooth-grain and rich, pink-brown hues that naturally darken over time, especially when exposed to sunlight. Its depth of color and warmth add elegance to a room. It is often considered a luxury wood because it is more expensive than some other hardwoods and has had a long history of use in fine cabinetry.

OakOak Cabinets

Oak is a dense and very hardwood with a distinctive grain pattern. This wood is a popular choice for cabinets because of its durability and timeless beauty. It also stains well for those wishing to have an enhanced look.

HickoryHickory Cabinets

Hickory is the heavy-hitter amongst the hardwoods. It is extremely hard, dense and shock resistant. It can lend a unique look to your space with its natural streaks, which add dimension and visual interest. Hickory’s colors range from a light cream to reddish brown to sometimes almost black in color. These colors can be enhanced with a stain application.

MapleMaple Cabinets

Maple is a medium to hardwood that is a popular choice because it is durable and shock resistant. Its light colored wood is even in appearance, making for a clean look. Maple also stains well and can be transformed with the use of a finish to resemble other woods. It is naturally suited for a light and airy look, but can be easily darkened for more dramatic appeal.

Mahogany Kitchen Cabinet DoorMahogany Cabinets

Mahogany is moderately hard wood with straight grains that lend a sophisticated look to any kitchen or bath. Like cherry, its elegant and warm tones, range from tan to reddish-brown, darken with time and sun exposure. Mahogany is considered a tropical wood, so it is a little more expensive than cherry.

If you are ready to move forward with your dream kitchen or bath, give us a call or come visit our showroom in Sand City. Our designers are here to help make your ideas a reality. Call Cypress Design & Build today to get started on your new cabinets.

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