If you feel drawn to home décor that reflects timeless simplicity and quality construction, the classic and elegant cabinets offered by Cypress Design & Build in Monterey and Sand City, California, may be the perfect choice to compliment your personal style. With so many kitchen and bathroom cabinet options available, you may feel confused as to exactly where you belong on the decorating spectrum.

What Defines Classic Style?

The classic style of home décor was based on order, symmetry, and balance. Shaker style cabinets with their simple design provide a tasteful alternative to the ornate Victorian décor that has stood the test of time. These classic kitchen and bathroom cabinets have more detail than modern cabinets but less of the flowery features seen in more traditional design. This provides you with the flexibility to make the look your own.

Classic Cabinet Ideas

  • Stick to neutral colors
  • Use simple door styles
  • Opt for glass doors
  • Choose quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Incorporate color and individual style with add-ons

Neutral Color Choices

Classic cabinet colors are typically white or cream which can brighten and visually expand your kitchen or bathroom. You can also choose light gray, green or even natural wood and still reflect a classic style. While bright colors such as orange or turquoise may be trendy today, they can become outdated in a year or two. Repainting and resurfacing your cabinets can eventually cost thousands of dollars.

Simple Door Styles

Classic cabinet doors are typically simple shaker style or shaker with bead molding, unlike the flat panel modern style doors or raised panel traditional doors.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Classic but also trendy, glass doors have remained popular throughout the years. They not only add character to your kitchen but can also visually expand your space and provide a color accent to the neutral, classic palette of your kitchen using the dishware they hold.

Quality Stands the Test of Time

Choosing quality materials and craftsmanship for your cabinets is a wise home investment in the long run. Quality cabinets can add to your home’s value. While buying less expensive cabinets may seem like a bargain today, flimsy construction and inferior materials may not hold up and can eventually become an expensive kitchen or bathroom remodeling project in a few years.

Express Your Personal Style

While you may feel most comfortable in classic surroundings, you don’t have to fit into that style slot entirely. Classic cabinets provide you with the flexibility to incorporate other style elements into your surroundings. Change your look by adding a sleek, modern light fixture, bar stools or kitchen dining set. You can even try a traditional, vintage table and chair set. Wall tiles, small appliances, towels, and accessories can provide a pop of color that expresses your individuality.

Classic Design Inspiration

If you are building a new house or remodeling your existing home, call Cypress Design & Build today and let us inspire you with the many classic cabinet design choices and brands we offer.

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