Farmhouse kitchens pair the best of functionality and style to create a haven for you and your family. Any update to your home, big or small, should ensure the kitchen gets some love. If you’re preparing for a kitchen remodel in 2023, check out some of these kitchen renovation ideas to keep the center of your home fresh and bright.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Cabinetry & Countertops
  2. Colorful Scandinavian Tile Backsplashes
  3. Butlers’ Pantries
  4. Hidden Smart Appliances
  5. Matte Stone Surfaces

1. Accent A Hard-Working Kitchen With Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle and introduces contemporary flair in a farmhouse kitchen. Build a large center island out of old oak legs, craft a bespoke butcher block countertop, or update some aged cherry cabinets with fresh stain or paint.

These surfaces bring charm, history, and durability to your space–hopefully inspiring future meals and get-togethers.

2. Bright Tiles Frame Your Stovetop Backsplash

Today’s rustic designs introduce pops of bright color using timeless tile designs inspired by traditional Scandinavian decor. Gone are the clean, white lines or neutral shades that colored kitchens from the past. The new hues for kitchen remodeling in 2023 are as follows.

  • Rusty Red
  • Iron Blue
  • Palmetto Green
  • Sommersol Yellow

Choose an ageless scene depicted in blue and white, or look for geometric shapes in green, yellow, and orange for a fun twist. These colors are meant to spark creativity and joy while you cook.

3. Hide Your Prep Work In the Butler’s Pantry

You love entertaining your friends and family in your open-concept home, but who wants to see all the clutter before the party? A butler’s pantry creates functional storage and prep space away from prying eyes.

Lean on this age-old solution to quickly clear up your preparations, whether hosting a get-together, a formal dinner, or bringing a meal to another place later on.

4. Smart Technology Puts Itself Away

Modern farmhouse kitchen ideas celebrate the use of refrigerators that order your groceries for you and dishwashers that know how many plates you use. Invest in smart mixers and AI wall ovens to make your meal prep much quicker. It’s like having a chef’s assistant in your home!

With innovative storage solutions like hidden pop-up shelves for your small appliances, the simple country environment can continue without the clutter on the counters.

5. A Honed Slate Countertop Shows Love & Labor

Farmhouse-style kitchens are all about rolled-up sleeves, home-baked bread, and sharing a steaming hot cuppa around the island. Matte, leather, or honed finishes for your slate or marble countertop will allow its patina to show through over the years. Instead of reflecting the glittering lights overhead, it embraces subtle signs of use that say, “Family lives here.”

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