Floor to ceiling cabinets are a bold style choice in today’s homes and Cypress Design & Build serving the Monterey, CA area can help you decide if this choice is the right option for your home and space. Whether you are looking for more storage or want a specific aesthetic, floor to ceiling cabinets have a lot to offer. They are versatile and functional in nearly every room.

More Space For Your Stuff

The main reason to choose floor to ceiling cabinets is so you can gain floor to ceiling storage. Everyone could use more storage, and this is an affordable and beautiful way to get the space you need. Most homes have empty wall space just begging to be put to good use, so why not optimize your space and create something functional and beautiful? Rooms that can always use more storage include the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and garage, and all of these spaces are ideal for floor to ceiling storage cabinets.

Add Some Visual Drama

Not only do floor to ceiling cabinets create a beautiful and dynamic look, but they’re also useful for adding desired storage options like a new pantry. They can also create the appearance of a larger room. If you don’t have the budget or space to expand your kitchen, let Cypress Design & Build install some elegance and the impression of a larger area with this striking custom cabinet option.

The Benefits Of Floor To Ceiling Cabinets

There are a lot of perks to adding floor to ceiling cabinetry into your living and working spaces. This option is perfect for laundry cabinets and home office space. Maximizing your space with floor to ceiling bathroom cabinets might even create a linen cabinet or offer an alternative for hiding bathroom items that are currently sitting out on the counter. The benefits of this style choice are many and include:

  • Provides Extra Storage
  • Beautiful Design Aesthetic
  • Purposeful Use Of Wall Space
  • Hide Unsightly Items
  • Make The Room Appear Larger

Take Advantage Of This Trendy Look Today

Contact us today for a consultation and quote on custom floor to ceiling cabinets for your Monterey area home. At Cypress Design & Build, our team of experts can assess your home and available spaces to determine with cabinet options will work best in your space. Beautiful cabinets are what we do, and you deserve the best.

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