Cypress Design & Build makes it a goal to stay up to date with the latest home remodeling trends. Kitchen cabinet remodeling trends for 2023 bring warmth, elegance, and natural beauty back to our favorite room in the house. They inspire us to revisit some of our favorite looks and building materials from years past but incorporate all the new designs we’ve grown to love.

Looking At Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2023

In many ways, the trends for this year encourage a full remodel because the changes require more than just giving your kitchen cabinets a facelift with a coat of paint.

However, such a move offers you an excellent return on investment (ROI). Zillow reports that the ROI for minor kitchen remodels comes in at over 81%, while a major remodel brings in an ROI of over 53%.

So, if you’re ready for a more in-depth remodel of your cabinets, consider the following cabinet trends.

  1. All-Natural Elements
  2. Stained Glass Window Panels
  3. Open Shelves Pretty Much Disappear
  4. Personalized and Unique Hardware
  5. Warmer Colors

1. All-Natural Elements

Plenty of people have embraced all things natural, including their kitchen design. In terms of how this trend will look on your cabinets, you can expect the following.

  • All-natural, unpainted wood cabinetry
  • Metal fixtures instead of plastic
  • Glass fronts on cabinet doors

Keep in mind that this trend dovetails into some other trends that are happening in the world of kitchen remodels. This gives you ample opportunity to include one or more of the kitchen trends for the coming year in your cabinet redo.

2. Stained Glass Window Panels

This is a subcategory of glass fronts on cabinet doors, one that adds a splash of color and elegance to a remodel. This year’s kitchen trends see cabinets being adorned with stained glass.

Aside from being stunning, stained glass window fronts allow you to show off the china behind them (depending on the design of the window). This adds an additional decorative element to the mix.

3. Open Shelves Pretty Much Disappear

Recently, people traded their kitchen cabinets for an open-shelf design. While this trend won’t disappear completely, fewer homeowners will embrace this trend because it gets cumbersome to maintain.

4. Personalized & Unique Hardware

One way to personalize a redo is by adding personalized or unique fixtures to your cabinet doors. This type of remodel falls into the “minor” category, but visually, it can make a big impact on your kitchen. Everything from wrought iron to ceramic knobs is fair game.

5. Warmer Colors

While white cabinets offer homeowners a sleek and sophisticated look in the kitchen, they represent one trend on its way out. Warmer colors that invite people to stay in the room to cook and connect with loved ones will replace the all-white cabinet trend.

Let The Pros Do Your Remodeling In 2023

Kitchen remodels this year encourage you to embrace the traditional looks and styles that stand the test of time. They reflect homeowners’ growing love of natural looks, personalized fixtures, and the glow of warmth.

If you’re ready to undertake a kitchen redo this year, let the professionals at Cypress Design & Build handle everything so you don’t have to stress.

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