People spend a good portion of their time in their kitchens. Therefore, it makes sense to concentrate on finding great light fixtures when doing a kitchen remodel. When selecting the new fixtures for the space, you’ll want to talk to your contractor about what role each kitchen light will play, whether it’s decorative, practical, or something in between.

Shed Some Light On The Subject

Many fixtures exist, but each serves a specific function. For example, the simple 40-watch bulb in the stove hood lets you see your way around the kitchen at night. When you’re choosing fixtures for your kitchen remodel, keep in mind what purpose each type will serve.

  • Ambient: This type of illumination creates soft overall coverage. Pendants work well for this purpose.
  • Task: For focused, detailed work, like preparing food or doing homework, go with focused task lighting.
  • Decorative: These kitchen lights are just what they sound like. They support “flourishes” in a kitchen remodel. The chandelier you have over the dining table is an example of this.
  • Accent: Track lights count among the most common type of accent illumination.

Miles Of Styles Available

When choosing your kitchen fixtures, working with several different kinds is best. Doing so allows you to develop a nuanced look in the room.

  • Pendant: Like earrings of the same name, this fixture features a long cord with a decorative lamp or pendant at the end covering the bulb. This offers a good option if you want a soft glow over spots like the counters or the table.
  • Recessed: Hidden within the recesses of the ceiling, this sort of illumination works well with dimmer switches. It allows you to set the tone for the room by turning the ceiling lights up or down.
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting: Go with this fixture if you’d like a soft glow under your cabinetry.
  • Track Lighting: This is just like it sounds. A series of lamps are placed within a track, which allows you to direct their beams to different areas of the room.

Other Considerations For Your Kitchen Lights

If you’re concerned about all these fixtures upping your electricity bill, talk with your lighting contractor about installing LED lights. According to Energy Star, their design allows them to give off illumination at a 90% more efficient rate than other types of bulbs.

They also have a longer life than other bulbs, saving you money because you don’t have to replace them as often.

Talk to Us About Your Kitchen Lighting

When you choose a combination of kitchen fixtures for your room redo, you create a beautiful and nuanced glow in your kitchen. Talk with the contractors at Cypress Design & Build today and let us help you pick the best lighting for your style and your needs.

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