For time-tested kitchen cabinet organization ideas that work, consider built-in lazy susans by Cypress Design & Build, serving you throughout Monterey County, CA. As we install your new custom cabinetry, we can also install a wide range of cabinet accessories that make accessing the things you store easier for a more adaptable, efficient system.

These add-ons bring your stuff to you! Imagine it, no more hiking on precarious stools and countertops to reach something way in the back. Unlike their simplistic tabletop cousins, built-in cabinet lazy susans come in a wide range of styles.

  • Kidney Shaped Shelves
  • Full Round Shelves
  • D-Shaped Shelves
  • Pie Cut Shelves
  • Swing-Out Shelves

Corner Cabinet? Choose A Kidney Shape.

A kidney-shaped lazy susan is best suited for 90-degree corner cupboards with the door attached to the cabinet. They eliminate wasted space and make the depth associated with a corner layout much easier to manage. No more deep dives or unpacking a whole shelf to find the appliance, food item, or pot lid you need.

Full Round Lazy Susans

With built-in round styles, you have the choice of independently rotating shelves or those that rotate together. Each shelf is a full round lazy susan turntable providing full access to the items stored on the shelf. All you need to do is give your shelf a turn.

Versatile D-Shaped Shelves

D-shaped lazy susans are made for use in regular cabinets, and corner cabinets with 45-degree angled doors. They often offer greater use of space than full round options.

Pie Cut For Cupboard Doors

Similar to the kidney-shaped lazy susan, there is one notable difference with a pie cut shape. These are designed for use in cabinets where the door is attached to the lazy susan instead of the inside.

Lazy Susan Installation In California

Why not include the little things that make a big difference in your next kitchen remodel? A built-in cabinet lazy susan is a great way to optimize your cupboard space and reduce frustrations in the kitchen. Contact us at Cypress Design & Build to schedule your Monterey area custom cabinet consultation today.

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