Recessed or built-in cabinetry is one of many things we specialize in at Cypress Design & Build in Monterey. One thing to consider with built-in cabinets or shelves is the amount of space you’ll be saving. These can be easily installed between wall studs for optimal space-saving storage all while creating a high-quality look and feel in the interior of your home. You can turn unused wall space into a functional storehouse for food, towels, books, clothes, or anything else. Some places in the home you might want to have recessed cabinetry could include:

  • Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
  • Hallway or Utility Cabinets
  • Bedroom Cabinets Or Drawers
  • Garage Shelves Or Cabinets
  • Laundry Room Cabinets & Shelves
  • Storage Cabinets Under Stairs

Recessed Kitchen & Pantry Cabinets

We can install recessed cabinetry in your kitchen to create a pantry space utilizing the wall space in between the studs. Built-in cabinets can be a real space saver and can create many new storage options. Kitchens are already full of bulky appliances and lack of space. Create more capacity to cook for the family, entertain guests or host holiday parties.

Built-In Cabinets Are The Way To Go

For a fresh, modern or even minimalistic look, built-in cabinets are going to be your best choice. Spaces are getting smaller and that includes where you store your belongings. At Cypress Design & Build, we want to help you make the most of your space with recessed cabinetry. In-wall storage is the best way to squeeze in a little extra space when dealing with a small room. If you have unused space under the stairs, we can make cabinets, drawers, or shelves fit there perfectly. If you need space in the bathroom to store towels and toilet paper or maybe in the garage for shelving and utility storage, you should consider recessed cabinetry. Tapping into the unused space between the wall studs will open up a world of storage possibilities!

Call The Cabinet Professionals

For recessed or built-in cabinetry, contact Cypress Design & Build in Monterey today. We offer free in-home estimates and our team of design professionals can assist you with deciding on the best cabinet options for your home.

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