Specialty cabinets add beautiful and functional storage solutions to organize any home, which is why at Cypress Design & Build in Monterey, we want you to know about the many options you have available. Custom cabinetry can maximize space in your home and blend seamlessly with your current layout and design style. Explore how these unique cabinets can improve your living spaces.

A Cabinet Type For Every Lifestyle

When it comes to choosing custom specialty cabinets, there is something for every look, every room, and every need. From kitchens to bathrooms, there is a variety of unique options that can provide both function and style. Some of the most popular choices for custom cabinets include:

  • A Swing Out Or Pull Out Pantry
  • Microwave Or Appliance Cabinets
  • Wastebasket/Recycling Bin Drawers
  • Lazy Susan Cabinets
  • Technology Drawers
  • Country Sink Cabinets
  • Double Oven Cabinets
  • Wine Racks

Customizations In The Kitchen

Specialty kitchen cabinets are often the first installation choice of most homeowners. Efficient and beautiful kitchen spaces add value to a home and make cooking and storage a dream. Some of the most popular kitchen solutions are swing out pantries, slide out spice racks, and hidden wastebasket and recycling bins. Many people also opt for the ever-popular “lazy susan” style for those deep corner cabinets that are so hard to reach into. If you can dream up an idea to organize your kitchen space, Cypress Design & Build probably has a specialty cabinet to meet that need.

Organizing Around The House

Bathrooms and linen closets are other popular areas where specialty cabinet installation improves the organization and efficiency of the home. From pull out linen drawers to functional towel racks, you can tackle the spaces that always seem to be in chaos and bring them back to order. Stop tripping over everyone’s shoes with a shoe storage drawer in the entryway or mudroom. Custom cabinetry in the laundry room can create needed space and hide the supplies while also making them easily accessible. And don’t forget a pull-out feeding drawer for Fido. The possibilities for your home are endless.

Specialty Cabinets In Monterey

At Cypress Design & Build, we serve you in the Monterey area with the best selection of specialty cabinets to maximize space, bring organization, and improve the function and beauty of your home. Contact us today for a consultation with your design experts. We want to make your custom cabinet dreams a reality.

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