You picked out your sinks, upgraded the vanity, and decided on a new shower and water-saving toilet. No remodeling project is complete without the right floor installation. Not every good-looking option out there will be suitable for a guest bath or powder room. At Cypress Design & Build, our bathroom remodeling pros have put together a list of 7 flooring ideas for your upcoming renovation.

  1. Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles
  2. Stone & Glass Tiles
  3. Vinyl Or Linoleum
  4. Poured Concrete In The Bathroom
  5. Eco-Friendly Cork
  6. Bamboo Floors For Bathroom Remodels
  7. Engineered Wood Or Laminate

1. Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Tiles

For long-lasting bathroom floors, you’ll want a material that’s durable, stain-resistant, and waterproof. Porcelain and ceramic tiles offer you all these features plus a clean, classic-looking style in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Look for slip resistance certification to avoid accidental trips and falls on the wet tile.

You can even get porcelain and ceramic in styles that look pretty similar to more expensive natural stone.

2. Stone & Glass Floor Tiles

For a more luxurious upgrade, stone and glass are two additional popular floor tile options. Choose from beautiful limestone, travertine, marble, or even granite. Luminous mosaic glass is also available in almost every color imaginable.

You’ll want to ask your construction company or flooring installers about the care and maintenance of these types of tile. Natural stone may not be completely waterproof. So, you will have to seal and reseal your tile periodically. Strong enough forces can still damage durable glass.

3. Vinyl Or Linoleum Bathroom Flooring

For a more budget-friendly bathroom remodel, you may be tempted to install vinyl or linoleum floors. Both materials are soft, highly waterproof, and easy to install professionally. Linoleum even offers antimicrobial properties for a more germ-free space. You can opt for plain white, colors, or even patterned and textured styles.

The downside to saving upfront will be the low resale value. You aren’t adding any perks to your home’s value when you decide to sell. Even if you don’t plan to move anytime soon, these low-cost floors are easy to damage and difficult to fix.

4. Poured Concrete In The Bathroom

If durability is your main concern, consider poured concrete for your bathroom floors. You’ll want to add texture to make them more slip-proof, but waterproof sealants, stains, and overlays make this option both fashionable and functional.

You can easily get the look and warmth of natural stone, mosaic tiles, and even marble. Stencil on a pattern or add interest with aggregates and broadcast media.

5. Eco-Friendly Cork Floors

If sustainability is just as important as comfort and durability to you, consider cork floors for your bathroom remodel. This renewable, natural material is waterproof, textured, and soft underfoot. You’ll want to have your cork professionally installed and finished to reduce the chance of water making it through cracks and seams.

6. Bamboo Floors For Bathroom Remodels

Bamboo is another eco-friendly bathroom floor choice for remodels and renovations. You can find bamboo at almost half the cost of typical wood, making it budget-friendly as well. Engineered bamboo is durable, extremely water-resistant, and easy to replace if damaged. This is good because, over time, you are likely to need replacement and repair. These surfaces are not scratch-resistant.

7. Engineered Wood Or Laminate Flooring

Engineered wood and laminate are popular throughout the home for their warm, homey, and rustic feel. Bathroom remodels are no exception. You get the look of natural wood with a better moisture and water resistance level, not to mention affordability.

With laminate, you also get stain and scratch resistance. When deciding whether or not to install engineered wood in the bathroom, consider how easy it will be to replace if you have a leak.

Your California Bathroom Floor Remodelers

Consider consulting with a general contractor when it’s time to pick out flooring for your bathroom remodel. At Cypress Design & Build in the Monterey County area, we can help you choose, install, finish, and even repair flooring in every room of the house. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and quote.

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