The COVID-19 pandemic has so many more of us working from home. Employers that once fought against the telecommuting concept are beginning to accept it. Many companies have even stated they will allow employees to continue working from home “forever.”

Why not create the ideal workspace to increase your comfort as well as your productivity. Whether you were already working from home, or are recently displaced and embracing this new normal, we’ve put together five ideas for renovating your home office.

  1. Invest In Space
  2. Install Built-In Storage
  3. Add Personality To Walls & Floors
  4. Install Work-Friendly Lights & Outlets
  5. Consider Soundproofing For A Professional Feel

1. Add More Space

Perhaps you are using the guest bedroom as your home office space; alternatively, you may have been trying to work out of your bedroom or even a family room. These are okay temporary compromises, but creating a dedicated office space is the way to go for a long-term solution.

If square footage is an issue, consider working with a contractor to enlarge an existing room or add-on a new space that can be exclusively for work purposes.

2. Install Shelves & Storage

You might need to create storage for your box files, reference materials, and office supplies. Keeping an organized, clutter-free workspace can help you focus. Custom built-in shelving and cabinetry will lend a professional air to your efficient home office.

3. Redecorate With New Paint & Flooring

Turn a repurposed bedroom into a professional-looking, functional workspace by adding a fresh coat of paint and new flooring. Tile, wood, vinyl, laminate, and even carpeting make for good home office flooring choices.

4. Increase Lighting & Wiring Options

Consider new LED task lighting or add a window or two to increase natural lighting during regular business hours. To accommodate your computer and other office equipment, you may need to add additional electrical outlets. Ask your general contractor about cable management systems to hide unsightly wires.

5. Consider Soundproofing Your Room

It can be tough to concentrate on work tasks when family members are making a lot of noise. The types of sounds you encounter at home are far different from the noises you are used to hearing in the office place and can be a lot harder to tune out.

You can soundproof a home office by installing a solid door and adding a door sweep. Installing acoustic wall panels and soft wall hangings can also help to reduce incoming noise.

Monterey Area Home Office Design Specialists

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