There are many benefits to working from home, but home office renovations can help you make working from home more attractive. If you got caught without a dedicated workspace during the pandemic, now is the time to fix the problem. Cypress Design and Build in Monterey, CA, can help you fix the following issues.

  • Mismatched Colors
  • Problems Hearing Virtual Meetings
  • Background Noise
  • Poor Lighting
  • Confined Space
  • No Backgrounds For Video Calls

Why You Need A Dedicated Workspace

Your life functions better when you have a routine. Working in bed and your living room can mess up your schedule and mindset. Preparing and equipping a home office can give you more motivation, better focus, and the ability to increase productivity over time.

Designing and changing your home office can help you stay on top of tasks. It can also help you manage the following.

  • Work Relationships
  • Posture & Sore Muscles
  • Mood & Energy
  • Vision & Mental Health

Solve The Lack of Space With Minimalist Ideas

Remove unneeded furniture and reduce clutter with a legless desktop directly mounted to the wall. Add shelving or wall cubbies to avoid bulking floor shelving and file cabinets.

Light Up Your Remote Workspace

Create better lighting with white or beige window treatments that let in natural light. Recessed LED lighting, light tubes, and skylights are great options for unobtrusive, layered illumination.

Don’t Miss A Single Word On Important Calls

Improve acoustics on important calls by installing sound-proof materials like ceramic panels or heavy curtains. A mural or decorative background can add interest and keep eyes focused on you when you host video conferences.

Harmonize Your Home & Office Spaces

Although you need a functional workspace, you don’t have to settle for bland office furnishings that clash with the rest of your home. Throw pillows, bright carpets, and colorful accessories can match your home and work spaces and make your office area more alluring, especially if you update spreadsheets in a multipurpose room.

How Can I Make My Home Office A Little More Comfortable?

Choose ergonomic furniture that won’t hurt your back or wrists. Remember to use a wrist guard and practice good posture to avoid future injuries. Aluminum shelving is lightweight but strong enough to support books and office supplies. It gives you more room to stretch your legs and prevents clutter.

What Home Office Trends Can Make Remote Work Easier?

Smart home technology makes it easy to shut off lights and maintain security. Additionally, AV technology has come a long way, with enhanced microphones, webcams, and cameras making your face and voice clearer on video calls. Plush pillows and a small sofa, space permitting, make it easy to take a power nap or welcome guests in your remote workspace.

Need Home Office Renovations?

If you want the assistance of a seasoned team for home office renovations, Cypress Design & Build can help you build the workspace you deserve. Contact us today for more home office renovation ideas and services!

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