One of the most significant decisions you will make during your kitchen remodel is selecting light or dark-colored cabinets. As the most prominent element of your kitchen space, the cupboards significantly impact the room’s atmosphere. There are advantages (and disadvantages) to either choice.

Advantages Of Dark-Colored Custom Cabinets

With the right design, dark colors can add a warm and welcoming tone to your kitchen. You can balance their tones by adding light elements with your floor and countertop choices. Dark cabinets offer several advantages:

  • Dark cabinets create an elegant and sophisticated ambiance in your home.
  • They work well with ornate styles of doors and drawer pulls.
  • The color options for dark hues are many (brown, deep green, black, dark gray, navy, dark wood tones).
  • Dark cabinets are very forgiving, hiding a few spills and dents.

Disadvantages Of Dark-Colored Cabinets

Dark colors do have their disadvantages, especially if you are planning to sell your home in the near future:

  • They make small kitchens feel crowded.
  • You will need more sources of light to fill the darker space.
  • They may feel dated very quickly.
  • Dark colors are hard to cover up if you want a change.

The Merits Of Light-Colored Custom Cabinets

Light hues include light gray, light natural woods, beige, white, cream, and soft pastels. These colors offer several advantages:

  • They blend well with many different styles of decor.
  • Light colors give a sense of airiness, making them ideal for smaller spaces.
  • They combine well with dramatic elements like vivid-hued countertops.

The Downsides of Light-Colored Cabinets

As with all your decorating decisions, you will want to consider the downsides as well as the advantages of lighter tones. Be aware that:

  • Lighter tones create a more casual vibe in your home.
  • They will also require more daily attention as they will not hide any spatters or spills.
  • The normal wear and tear of everyday life will become apparent very quickly.

What About Blending Both Choices?

This can be a very modern and pleasant option that creates a cozy feeling. A well-planned combination of dark and light tones can bring the best of both choices to your kitchen.

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