When it comes to kids, one thing is sure: they never stop growing. Let their bedroom grow with them by giving them a modern space to play, create, study, and enjoy. You may not agree with all of your child’s ideas when remodeling their room, but there are many stylish options a remodeling company can do to build something you can both love.

Reduce Clutter & Increase Organization With Built-in Storage

When you’re remodeling a kid’s room, adding built-in storage is a great way to get clutter off the floor while keeping the necessities within reach. Built-in shelving provides an easy way to organize with pullout baskets or display items to keep them safe. Creating a raised platform allows wider built-in drawers underneath. Even installing a window seat can add some hidden storage space, adding function and flair to your interior design as your child ages.

Install Durable & Low Maintenance Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a cool kids’ bedroom idea because it is durable and can withstand anything a child can throw at it. Besides being comfortable and quiet underfoot, this floor installation is also resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture and is easy to clean. A variety of high-quality, phthalate-free vinyl floors are available in an endless choice of colors, patterns, and designs, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.

Elevate Your Style With Custom Bunk Beds

Custom bunk beds are a great modern kids’ bedroom idea if you want to utilize more space. Rather than using a freestanding bed frame, install built-in bed frames that attach to the wall and give more stability to make the room look cohesive. Instead of a traditional ladder, incorporate a small staircase into the design, making it much more comfortable to navigate. Having your own designated sleep space is perfect for sleepovers or siblings sharing a room.

Introduce Calming & Beautiful Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a popular way to add an ambient glow to a kid’s bedroom to make it look like it is bathed in sunlight. With this type of illumination, getting started in the morning or winding down to restful sleep is much easier on the eyes. The casing of recessed lights also protects them from dust and mishaps, making them a safer alternative to hanging lights. Besides making a room look bigger, recessed lighting also doesn’t require cords and cables to clutter the bedroom, making it an ideal choice.

The Clever Color-Blocking Trend

Color-blocking might be right for you if you’re torn between a bright, white space for your child and a fun, colorful one. Taking a colorful paint a quarter to halfway up the walls and then transitioning into a complementary neutral color is a great way to add visual interest without making it overstimulating. The colorful paint will help hide scuffs and scratches, while the neutral color will keep the room looking modern and upscale. As your child grows and their tastes change, it will be much easier to switch out the bottom color while keeping the neutral paint for the same cohesive style.

Ready To Remodel Your Kid’s Bedroom?

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