Everyone wants to have a great cooking and entertaining space, and that means something different for each household. If you’re considering a remodel, should your kitchen have an open or closed layout? Everyone has an opinion, and when you consider some of the available design options for each choice, the decision doesn’t get any easier.

The Open Kitchen Layout

An open kitchen is one that flows into other living spaces, like the family room and dining area. Most open designs run along one wall in the central living area, although that is not a hard, fast rule.

You get an airy, spacious feel and can cook and have fun with guests while maintaining full access to your entertaining spaces.

  • Optimize A Smaller Space
  • Make Your Home Feel Bigger
  • Great For Entertaining

The Comfort Of Closed Kitchens

Closed kitchens are a more traditional concept. Having a separate meal prep area, enclosed on three sides, is better if you don’t want to entertain while cooking. You reduce noise and keep heat from the rest of the house. Also, if there is a mess in the sink, it isn’t on display for everyone to see.

  • More Quiet & Privacy
  • Keeps A Hot Stove From Heating The Whole House
  • Hides A Messy Countertop Or Full Sink

Crave-Worthy Kitchen Design Ideas

Ultimately, the open vs. closed debate really depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Do you entertain guests and need to answer homeschoolers’ questions during breakfast prep, or are you looking for a way to keep your baking obsessions from heating up the whole house?

You can open things up or create a nook to hide all your gadgets and knickknacks. With a remodeling contractor on your side, you have a lot of freedom in your kitchen design options.

Open Kitchen Remodels

Closed Kitchen Remodels

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