Summer offers a great opportunity if you’re looking for the best time to remodel your kitchen. Our Cypress Design & Build team of Monterey County, California can help you get the kitchen of your dreams. Here are 6 reasons why a summer kitchen remodel would be a great time to level up one of the most used rooms in your home and add value to boot.

  • 1. Take Time To Think
  • 2. Entertain Outdoors
  • 3. Cash In On Discounts & Deals
  • 4. Take Some Vacation Time
  • 5. Enjoy The Weather
  • 6. Prepare For The Holidays

1. Take Time To Think

Most families move at a slower pace in the summer, which can be an advantage when deciding on the details of your kitchen project. Unlike the rest of the year’s packed schedule, summer allows more flexibility so that you may take time to consider your options, talk to your Monterey general contractor, and get exactly what you want for your dream kitchen.

2. Entertain Outdoors

Summer is ideal for outdoor cooking while your remodel is happening. Being able to grill on your patio or entertain people on your deck is a staple of the summer season that no one thinks twice about. It allows you to have an easy and natural alternative cooking area while your kitchen is temporarily out of commission.

3. Cash In On Discounts & Deals

Take advantage of countless summer sales and discounts offered by vendors as well as big-box stores. From Memorial Day to Independence Day, companies provide a wide range of special sales for the most enterprising deal-hunter. Why pay more when you don’t have to?

4. Take Some Vacation Time

From school vacation to family vacation, summer offers more travel opportunities. Taking a trip will allow your Monterey general contractor to work on your kitchen without getting in the way of your household. What better time to get away than while your kitchen is under construction? You can avoid all the inconveniences of renovation and return to a brand-new kitchen.

5. Enjoy The Weather

Summer weather opens up many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. From sunning yourself at the beach to hiking the trails, there are numerous things available to entertain you and your family outdoors while your remodel is being done. The fewer people in the house when the demo and construction occur, the safer and more convenient it will be. Great weather also means every day is a good day for the safe delivery and storage of products and supplies.

6. Prepare For The Holidays

The winter months often bring the biggest holiday celebrations. Make sure your kitchen remodeling project is complete this summer before the winter festivities bring a bunch of company to your doorstep. Planning for the holidays can be stressful, and having one less kitchen to worry about can be a valuable thing. Give your guests the pleasure of seeing your remodeled kitchen in all its splendor, and allow yourself some well-deserved bragging rights in the process.

Come For A Quote, Stay For Our Showroom

Don’t miss this opportunity to do your kitchen remodeling project this summer with a Monterey General Contractor. Cypress Design & Build of Monterey County, California is experienced in research and design timelines as well as working within your budget. Call us today for a free quote or stop by our showroom so we can start planning any project you have.

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