A master or owner’s suite remodel seems complex, but it can improve your everyday life on multiple levels. Today’s owner-suite design trends may help you find the comfort and refreshing sleep you need. How do you know it’s time to consider a bedroom remodel?

  • You’d Rather Sleep Downstairs
  • It’s Too Easily Cluttered
  • It’s Too Dark Or Too Bright
  • You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

Start by avoiding mistakes like over-expanding bedroom space or overspending on bathroom fixtures. Here are five reasons to remodel your master suite.

1. Accommodate Your Lifestyles

A new owner’s suite design should better meet your current lifestyle. You may want better lighting, a walk-in shower, handrails, or even a taller toilet as you age. A bedroom remodel or redesign might even accommodate multiple pets.

A remodel can open up new pathways if you struggle to make your way from one side of the room to the other. Do you need to make room for a new baby? A remodel would help you put a baby crib and your bed in the same space without making it feel cramped.

2. Make Life More Convenient

There are several ways an owner-suite remodel makes life easier and more convenient.

  • Add storage space with a larger or walk-in closet.
  • Install custom closet organization.
  • Add a bathroom sink or increase vanity space.
  • Add more electrical outlets and sockets with USB ports.
  • Add a space for home office work or family time.

If your closet is cluttered, you are using extension cords, or lighting is inconvenient, a bedroom remodel can help.

3. Improve Your Home’s Value

A primary bedroom suite remodel or redesign can immediately add to the value of your home. Use neutral color palettes, perhaps with one wall that has dramatic color.

Bedroom suites can often return 65-75% of your investment. When someone looks into buying a home, the primary bedroom and bathroom can impact their first impression positively.

4. Improve Sleep Quality

A remodeled bedroom suite could be designed to improve sleep. Imagine sleeping better and more soundly while waking up with more energy.

A bedroom remodel can also do the following to lull you to sleep:

  • Calming Colors On The Walls
  • Find A Better Space For the Bed
  • Bring In More Natural Light Or Reduce Too Much Light

5. Improve Safety & Usability

An upgraded bedroom suite can improve your safety through better lighting, more accessible features like a walk-in shower, and handicapped-accessible railings and grab bars. Even improved lighting and flooring can improve the safety of homeowners. This factor alone can make your investment worthwhile.

Get Better Sleep Tonight

Getting started is simple. If you live in the Monterey, California, area and are considering a kitchen, bath, or master suite remodel, reach out to Cypress Design & Build and start on your path to improving your lifestyle.

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